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Brain Game, my novel-in-progress, takes place in Baltimore and New Orleans in the years following Katrina. An excerpt has appeared in The Mailer Review and characters from the novel appear in several short stories published in literary magazines. Brain Game draws from a fictional world I began to develop while living on the Gulf Coast.

When former intelligence analyst Gil Willis finds himself by the side of a highway in northern Mississippi next to an old man in a good suit, he begins a journey that will pull him back into a life he believed he had left behind. 


Background photo by Jared Arango on Unsplash


featuring the Brain Game characters

West Ash and Dunn  (in Backchannels)

Can You See Me?   (in Gypsophila) 

Request  (in The Mailer Review)

In the Graveyard Tent (in The Loch Raven Review)

Baker's Wall (in The Write Launch)

Petty Theft (in Mollusk Lit)

Confidante (forthcoming)



Background photo by Jared Arango on Unsplash

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